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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Caribbean Wedding

Even with all the planning and logistic difficulties it's easy to see why some couples simply HAVE to get married in the Caribbean. The wedding day can't help but be laid back and easy going....no bridezillas here!!

What's not to love? The warm, tropical sea breeze; calypso music; friendly locals; fresh seafood; island paradise.....

Laura and Tim's small family-only wedding on the beautiful island of St. Lucia was a dream.
I don't do too well in tropical climes...I'm British!! But even I was thinking, " My job doesn't exactly suck... " as I was floating in my few spare hours in the Caribbean sea ; )

I'm an explorer by nature...so I LOVE being dropped off somewhere I've never been before...it's one of the greatest pleasures in life.
I'm inspired beyond belief by territories new to me, so I'm delighted whenever I have a destination wedding and perhaps the creativity is amped a little!

The largest church in the Caribbean, The Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception, in Castries, was the location for Laura and Tim's wedding ceremony. It is huge and seemed such a privilege that our small celebration was allowed.
The vibrantly colored town center was great for the bride and groom shots. As was the wonderfully formal "colonial" Derek Walcott Square, with cherub-flanked gates, brick paths and red coral trees.
Local children adored the new bride and flocked around the couple.

Even when it rains on your wedding day on a tropical island it's still gorgeous....just a casual umbrella can feel and look more like a parasol : )

Laura and Tim's very casual cocktail reception was on the beach followed by a reception at Jacque's Restaurant, stunningly situated on the marina's edge.

I had the great pleasure of shooting the 200-person celebratory part for Laura and Tim a month later at the Jersey Shore, wheer they shared their wedding and engagement photos with their guests as projected slideshows.