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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Vogue Bride

With Trash the Dress sessions becoming very popular with today's modern bride, I thought it was time I stepped up to the plate, and indulged my "Passion for Fashion" Photography.
These post-wedding fashion shoots really are wonderful for the new bride. It's not often a girl gets to wear such a beautiful, couture dress......and now she can stop worrying about her guests, she let her hair down, put on some killer heels....be more sexy and playful. The dress certainly doesn't have to get damaged in any way.
The day after her wedding, Lisa even arrived late to a post-wedding brunch because she just had to have one of my Vogue Bride ( much nicer, don't you think?! ) shoots while I was still in Connecticut.
So I had an extra cup of coffee that morning, forgot all about my aching body and throbbing feet ( all you wedding photographers know what I'm talking about! ) and got ready to bring out Lisa's inner Diva, before catching my flight back to Los Angeles.
I give a lot of guidance and direction during these shoots to show my ladies at their most beautiful....every girl deserves to feel that she's fabulous enough to grace the cover of a magazine.
I think I might well be on Lisa's Christmas-card list forever when she sees her shoot. Ha!
She looks very sultry.....it almost feels as though we shot it in some balmy, Southern bayou rather than Connecticut : )
Take a look...